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Forgive me if the years are not correct. If you have information that would allow us to input past champions and runner ups, as well as those individuals that have made major cotributions to this, or predesor leagues, please email me at nvffawatcher.com. I want to honor all those that came before us.

League began as the NVFFA by Steve and Delores D'Arginio.  Steve and Delores ran the league for a number of years and they both have had a significant impact on what the standards for the league are. 
NVFFA was sold to Frank Rogers, and Frank ran the league through numerous local commissioners with varying amounts of success. These leaders included, but where not limited to Dave Bently, Chris Montenez, and Steve Phillps.

The NVFFA splintered off into 2 leagues. The NVFFA remained a strong league and was pushed forward by another strong league in the NV/SMFFL group headed by Chris Montenez, Freddie Borras, Steve Phillps, and Bret Gavin.  The NVFFA was headed by Steve Ligh Sr, Dave Bently, Eli Day, and Kent Page.  Both leagues merged back together into the Mid Atlantic Flag Football League.  Before the league could get itself restablished under its current commissioner,  it was unsetteld when it lost a number of veteran squads to the Beltway Flag Football League.  Working with the leadership of the BFFL,  the MAFFL once again returned to its format of the league allowing us the unique opportunity to offer 9-man and 8man ineligble football at the both the highest level, and at the recreational level. 

The current management hierarchy is set with the owners/coaches of the teams having top down input under the leadership of the Commisoner (J Kent Page), a leadership council of current coaches, and the Director of Officiating (Bill Meadows).  Communicatiion between teams and management has been at the fore front of continuing our effort to be the best league in the MId Atlantic area..  Social media with the league site: Facebook@maffllelite  and Twitter@MAFFL1  have been a big step forward in that endeavor.       

 We currently have a number of sqauds that not only compete at the national level,  but bring home Championships.  Our teams supported both nationally recognized flag organizations. The Mid Atlantic Flag Football League was an intregal part of the USFTL, and is now a partner with the FFWCT .  We also have enjoyed success in local tournaments such as the Hagerstown Flag Football Challenge Series, The Rhode Island Flag Bowl, The Summer Kickoff in Virginal Beach and the St Patrick's Day Flag Bowl in Atlantic City NJ.  

When the MCFFU dropped 9-man, all teams returned to the USFTL and made its impact felt thru the 9-man divison.  The MId Atlantic Flag Football League comprises over a third of the 9-man division at the National Championships held in Florida.  Our current commisioner (J. Kent Page) is also a National Championship Tournament Director, a member of the USFTL Hall of Fame, and the current Head Official for 9man.

Has the History been smooth?  No, it has been an ardous journey both for management and for the players.  WE have come through together and have emerged a stronger league, and one that will continue to grow and get better.  People such as Monet Anderson, Ben Pennington, and Blue Lee bring an aspect of video and photography to the league, coupled with the utilization of a number of social media platforms, we are positioned for even greater success.  The joureny continues, and we would enjoy you being a part of it.  This is just one small step on a contining effort to make this the most exciting and the most dominant league in the Mid Atlantic States. 

As we all take the field for the upcoming 2019 Spring season, please lets us remember our past and embrace the present. We will make the future together.    

We would like to honor our past as well, so I am looking for the winners of the past season of the NVFFA and MAFFL seasons.  Please provide any information you may have.

 Let the players play, the the coaches coach, the officials officiate, and let the spectators cheer

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